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VALORANT, developed by Riot Games, is the League of Legends developer’s first shot at a first-person shooter title. The tactics-focused FPS launched in its closed beta phase on April 7 and was released to the public on June 2. The pro scene has been developing ever since the beta, with major esports organizations announcing player signings and Riot’s Ignition Series allowing third-party tournament hosts to help build the VALORANT competitive field organically. Head on over to our VALORANT roster page for more info.

With agent reveals and gameplay details continuing to trickle out, we’ve built a one-stop shop for all things Valorant, from agent details to ability breakdowns and what you can expect from the game.

VALORANT 101 | Character descriptions



VALORANT is a tactical first-person shooter developed by League of Legends creator Riot Games. The game is akin to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in its five-on-five, round-based gameplay as well as the option to purchase different weapons with some alterations, including being able to purchase abilities for your agent and the inclusion of “ultimate” abilities akin to the heroes in Overwatch.

That said, VALORANT is nothing like Overwatch, and it’s distanced enough from CS:GO, too. The game’s Alpha stage featured nine agents and two maps — one with two plant sites and another with three. The core objective of each round is to either eliminate the enemy team or complete a defense or attack the plant sites, depending on which side you’re on. Offensive players must plant a bomb called a Spike at one of the plant sites and protect it until it detonates, while defensive players will try to stop their opponents from planting or defuse the Spike if it gets set. The first team to win 13 rounds wins the match.

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